futures-diagnosis initially began as collaboration between myself, Dr Norman Lewis, and Professor Frank Furedi which aimed to interrogate the relationship between the Internet and society in an attempt to identify key trends for the future. This collaboration began with some pioneering research on the relationship between young people and their interaction with the digital media.

Building on these insights, particularly the impact of risk culture on contemporary childhood, I have since begun to focus more on the problematic area of risk culture and innovation and how this relates to the Internet and the future development of digital society. The onset of the recession adds urgency to this focus and poses some important questions about the potential of innovation for future growth and wealth creation.

futures-diagnosis is neither ‘techie’ nor simply descriptive commentary. It will provide a unique combination of social and technological insights based upon original and exacting research and practical experience.

futures-diagnosis aims to interrogate and offer some distinct views on the following important issues:

  • Inter-generational interactions and contemporary Internet culture;
  • Social networks and the crisis of authority;
  • Trust, privacy and the future of innovation;
  • Economics dynamism, risk-taking and innovation;
  • Science, necessity and innovation

I believe these are some of the key dynamics for understanding the future of innovation, the Internet and their impact on society.

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