This weekend sees the return of the excellent ‘Battle Of Ideas‘ annual Festival organised by the Institute of Ideas. If you haven’t got a ticket yet, its possible to purchase one on the day. It will certainly be worthwhile.


I will be speaking tomorrow in  a debate titled  ‘Behind closed doors: privacy vs transparency?. As a taster of what I intend to say, here’s a piece I wrote for the Independent Blog, titled, ‘A transparent loss of trust’ which was published yesterday. My key point is that ‘Transparency institutionalises a climate of dishonesty because its starting point is mistrust’.

The transparency debate is becoming a critical one and has implications for the future of R&D and innovation. One only has to examine the call for greater data transparency to see how far the basic confusion between information and knowledge has gone. This has enormous implications for the future development of products and services built upon data and metadata. Understanding what lies behind the increased demand and celebration of transparency and thus, its implications, has never been more important.

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