On 9-10 June, my company Open-Knowledge is organising its third International Forum on Enterprise 2.0 – outside of the US – the largest Enterprise 2.0 event in the world.

The event attracts speakers and delegates from all over the world but particularly from Europe. This year’s themes resonate with the tough choices businesses are having to make about their futures:

  • How to leverage their social capital in ways that their competitors cannot;
  • How to ‘socialise’ internal processes that can unify the dynamism of their employees with that of their customers through social media technologies;
  • How to innovate innovation and rapidly bring new compelling products or services to the market.

This year’s event combines workshops, plenary sessions and parallel tracks as well as a barcamp. The full agenda can be seen here. The event is organised around the following themes:

  • Inside the organization: Intranet 2.0, Community Management, Human Resources 2.0, Social Learning, Organizational Network Analysis, IT Governance
  • Outside the organizations: Social CRM, Sales Communities, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Monitoring
  • Innovation: Idea and Innovation Management, Crowdsourcing and Idea generation, Prediction markets

I will be speaking on how to leverage social capital for innovation – a copy of my speech and presentation will be posted here after the event.


If you are interested in discovering what Enterprise 2.0 means for the future of public and private companies, then you should come to Milan on 9/10 June and join the conversation. You can also enjoy some great food, excellent coffee and fine weather!

There is a 15 % discount on all Premium events if you register through this blog connection. Please click here and use the code ‘oknorman’ when filling in the registration form.

I hope to see you in Milano!


  1. Dear Norman,

    What a shame! I’m booked for a conf in Berlin the two days before, so I don’t think I can come. Would have loved to!


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