Serving the Digital Generation: Innovation for a New Breed of Customers is a new 120 page Telco2.0 Strategy Report, which I co-authored and which explores how the behaviours of the ‘Digital Generation’ – young people who have grown up with new media applications and technologies – will ultimately drive the future shape of the Telco business.

The key point of the report is that young people’s behaviour is no longer technology-driven, but reflects how this technology has been internalised and  now drives a new participatory culture which impacts across all generations and demographics online. The report’s focus is to explain these behaviours and how Telcos can innovate to meet these new challenges. Far from these behaviours representing a threat to existing business models and practices, Telcos need to understand them, embrace the underlining motivations and use them to reinvent services and business models that place this participation imperative at the core of their operations. Telcos need to enable participation, not get in its way. This is a huge opportunity.

Anyone interested in the future of Telcos and communication services ought to read Serving the Digital Generation. You should also attend next month’s Ecomm in Amsterdam where a number of these issues and related innovations will be debated and explored in some depth.

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